Surfin’ Sato, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to animal welfare education.  We work in partnership with several rescue organizations in Puerto Rico to educate students about issues surrounding pet abandonment and population control and methods for rescuing and finding forever homes for dogs.  It is our goal to empower students with the skills, respect and understanding needed to make a positive impact on animal’s lives in places where cultural and socio-economic differences may call for a different approach than they’re used to.

Our programs include travel trips to Puerto Rico to learn about the issue of animal abandonment and what you can do to help. We organize service projects to help improve facilities for dogs in shelters, sanctuaries and homes of independent rescuers. In 2018, we will debut our Animal Rescue Gap Year Internship for students who are recent high school graduates.  They will spend four months in Puerto Rico volunteering their time to support rescue operations on the ground.